Roku Remote is Not Working

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Test Your Roku Remote Batteries

Let's start with the simplest answer... Are you sure the batteries on your computer are not running out? A gradually deteriorating performance is a sure-fire indication that the issue could be power supply.

Many Roku remote controls require two AA batteries, some need two AAAs. Tap on the remote to test the sticker. The batteries on the rear of the unit are accessible from behind the sliding door.

2. How to Remote a Roku | Roku Remote is Not Working

Another common cause of a Roku remote not working is that the control from the box it is supposed to operate has become unpaired.

Theoretically, system upgrades, low power, changing Wi-Fi networks, using the computer with another Roku box, or a simple technical malfunction may all cause an accidental unpairing.

Fortunately pairing a Roku remote with a Roku box or streaming stick is easy. Only obey the directions underneath:

Switch your Roku box off its power supply.
Wait 10 seconds, reconnect the box and wait to load the Home page.
Locate the Remote Pair press. It's typically found on the device front or in the battery compartment.
Keep down the button for five seconds, or until you see the flashing Roku screen.
So note, instead of using your Wi-Fi link, some older Roku models come with an IR pointer. If you have an IR Roku remote that doesn't fit, verify that the receiver is not covered by any dirt on either the control or the TV / box. Always, make sure there are no obstructions to the Roku box in the line of sight of the screen.

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