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My name is William Marshall and I am a Psychic, Intuitive Medium from UK.
What does that mean? It means I can see, hear, smell, feel Spirit & see pictures from them in my minds eye which can either be literal or symbolic & I am in Canada for the Summer of 2020

I offer the following reading
2 x Tarot spreads plus Spirit reading for approx 60 minutes. $70 Cdn

Currently due to Covid, All readings take place online in Skype or Zoom & are recorded for you to watch again later.

Readings must be prepaid in Paypal or Interac Bank Transfer

I have worked as a Psychic in Canada, Ukraine, UK & Russia.
I can try to help you connect with Spirit of friends and family who have passed.
I cannot guarantee specific spirits will attend.
I cannot guarantee how many Spirit will attend. Sometimes 1, sometimes many.

My Tarot readings may help you find an answer to questions you might have about your life.
My Tarot reading might help you see that you are on the right pathway & any important developments
My service is always positive, and given with confidentiality.
My readings are not a replacement for professional medical advice.

I reserve the right to politely turn down the request for reading from anyone under the age of 21,
under the influence of alcohol, drugs or who may be considered emotionally vulnerable.

If you would like a friendly, positive reading in confidence, I am available from 4pm to 8pm Mountain Time (Alberta)

Why not send me a friend request in Skype: Spirittrail3

Looking forward to helping you, William Marshall

To fulfill Canadian Law: This service is for Entertainment Purposes only

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