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Is there anyone wealthy out there who is willing to share a bit of their wealth? Damsel in distress here. There are many things I need but live paycheck to paycheck (and my account has already been in the minus for months). I never seem to get ahead. Here are some things I need:

a) take pet to vet ($1100);
b) groceries ($100-$200);
c) eyeglasses;
d) fix tooth at dentist.
e) summer clothes;
f) fix fireplace
g) change water tank;
h) grooming for my pets ($375);
i) to get my account out of minus ($745).

a), b), e) and i) is what I need the most right now.

No loans please. I am only seeking donations. Also, no haters or hate mail please, it’s humiliating enough I have to post this
and want to crawl under a rock for doing so. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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