LAWYERS WANTED; C.B. NL. Canada hostage.Toronto,Ont.collections.

LocationCity of Toronto
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Ad maybe manipulated by mindreader hackers to slander and delay justice and ad rights is part of the captivity crime.
Plantiff slavery claim: Res. CB.NL.Can. 17096345567
77 Mutual St.1983-1989; as blding superintendent to clean up drug and prositution ring that took over an East Indian landlord's premises.[ M.K.Ent.]
7 years wages is 7 million dollars humiliation,and throat assult compensation as a gov't slave is undecided cost..exhibit filed.court case.
Mindreader that has an internal telecommunications with deadly compliance stinger to shorten life span.[Text,Computers,ect ] are hidden side effects for discreet hidden weapon attack confirmed.
Internal Japan Sony medical / fraud weapon with a telecommunications and feedback sysyem stealing inventions from plantiff,was a Info. Source crime spotter Slave.
Native of CB.NL.Canada.1962.First Nations/England/Ireland.
First Psychiatry will testify gov't conspiracy..
[ Trillion liability.see prior file.]
Van.BC police injury , fake illusional settlements case available[ Van.BC/Toronto/ [lawyers wanted:gov't injury coverup] NL cases available on[KRF.Case files]
The plantiff is avoiding loan sharks who offered and want a mafia gov't with weapon.This is illegal gov't activity and police betrayal.

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