Krav Maga Self-Defence Classes in Almonte

Address500 Ottawa Street, Almonte Ontario
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If your life was in danger, would you know what to do? In Krav Maga we teach on you to neutralize the threat quickly by any means necessary.

It's not about being fancy, it's about doing enough to get away safely. In real life there are no rules, it's important for you to train in a no rules mindset, where you can attack vital targets and do what you need to do to stay safe. Where in other systems focus on traditional forms, Krav Maga focuses on the modern real world.

If you want to develop confidence, become more aware of your environment and want to train to get fit and also learn to strike hard and be safe then come and try Krav Maga at Krav Maga Kanata in Almonte.

Krav Maga is a modern fighting system that focuses on dealing with real world confrontations. Classes focuses on train you how to use your human survival instincts to defend yourself. There are no rules in Krav Maga and we teach you to strike hard and hit where it counts. This what makes Krav Maga great for everyone.

Street confrontations you cannot afford to do anything fancy, use what works, so it is important to train like your life matters. Check us out at

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