Acetate Anhydrous

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Sodium Acetate Anhydrous Technical Grade
Synonyms: Sodium Acetate Anhydrous, sodium salt, Acetic acid
CAS No.: 127-09-3
Packing: 25kg HDPE bag or Customized
Supply Ability: 500 Tons per Month
Shelf Life: 2 years
Item Specification
Sodium Acetate(on the anhydrous basis) 99.0-101.0
Appearance White Crystal Powder
PH of a 5% solution 7.5- 9.0
Loss on drying 1.0
Organic synthesis of Photographic esterification agent, printing and dyeing mordant, buffer, pigments, tanning, and etc. Can be used to manufacture various chemical products such as furans acrylic, etc.

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