Pro Physio Navan

Address3349 Navan rd. Navan ON K4HB 1H9
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Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres is a leader in physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the Greater Ottawa Region. With our 31 locations, we are accessible to everyone within the city and surrounding areas. All of our clinics are owned by physiotherapists and excel in providing current and courteous care to everyone who seeks physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We believe in maintaining high standards that will benefit the client and are recognized in the community and insurance industry as promoters of premium quality health care.

Avec 31 centres, Pro Physio est accessible à tous ceux et celle qui habitent au sein de la ville ainsi que dans les régions avoisinantes. Nos cliniques sont détenues par des physiothérapeutes qui offrent des soins de haute qualité dans un environnement sécuritaire et courtois.

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