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ve never found myself in this kind of predicament, but I need some help over the holidays. I work, but it’s only part time, and all the money I had for Christmas went on a hydro bill less they cut me off. I have no family, and no support. I’m just a singlemom trying to make ends meet. I hope I can wake up in the morning to some assistance from someone better off than me, even if it’s only enough to take my little one out for breakfast or enough to take them out boxing day to pick a special present .i no theres alot of people reaching out .plz no rude messages if u cant help np merry xmas if u can even the smallest amount plz plz think of me and my kids at xmas and if u find it in your hearts to help plz my email for help is [email protected] ( email money transfers) i really hope to wake up to a good xmas and be able to put smile on my kids faces .your help be so grateful

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