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For seamless asphalt repairs our trained and experienced professionals can quickly and efficiently complete asphalt repairs all year round using infrared technology. Infrared asphalt repairs are faster, seamless and cause are the best way to limit disruptions for you or your customers.

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=== What is an Infrared? ===
Infrared is a specific wavelength of light. It is invisible to the eye, but results in heat when absorbed by objects.

=== How does Infrared heat asphalt? ===
Infrared rays penetrate the surface and heat the material from within allowing us to heat the layers evenly.

=== Which repairs are ideal for Infrared? ‚Äč===
- Settlement and low spots.
- Cracks.
- Bumps.
- Potholes.
- Utility cuts.
- Ramps.
- Seam bonding.
- Manholes.

=== What are main advantages of using Infrared? ===
- Seamless repair.
- Durable.
- Quicker & less disruptive.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Can be done all year around.

=== Is Infrared better than cutting and replacing the asphalt? ===
Cutting and replacing won't keep the edges from breaking. The only way to get edges that won't fall apart is by heating the surface and create a thermal bond between the repair spot and the surrounding asphalt.

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