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Fall registration is now open to employees of the public service for the following Test PREPARATION COURSES :

SLE - Test of Oral Proficiency in the Second Official Language
SLE - Test of Written Expression
SLE - Test of Reading Comprehension

Levels offered A- Beginners (West Coast and East coast candidates)
B- Intermediate Candidates
C- Advanced Candidates
E- Bilingual Candidates

These one on one courses are adapted from the school of public service curriculum and teaching guidelines.

Students can expect to review concepts of grammar, vocabulary and other aspects of reading, written and oral expression that are necessary to perform tasks dealing with work-related situations.

Classes are available for long term and short term for students challenging the public service test. Out-of-province students may register for teleconferencing or e training courses.

Please note that we are aware of all changes made to the test in the recent years and courses have been adjusted to reflect those changes.

For more information on Tuition fees and start dates please contact Christine at 613-710-5597

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