a powerful prayer for urgent help

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a poweful prayer for urgent help say the prayer below 9 times with your request then publish immediatey this.. mo
by mark powerful prayer for urgent help.
say the prayer below 9 times with your request then publish immediately..
this most powerful prayer must be said for urgent help
O Great passion
O Deep wounds
O Blood shed in abundance
O Meekneeknees
O God of Meeknees
O Cruel Death
have mercy on me and Grant my Request if it be for my salvation Amen- J,H
powerful prayer to the shoulder wound of Jesus
say all of the following with your intention / Request then publish with the thank you.
O most loving Jesus Meek lamb of God i a miserable sinner salute and worship the most sacred wound of thy shoulder on which thou did bare thy heavy cross.
whichso tore thy flesh and laid bare thy bones so as to inflict in thee an anguish greater than any other wound of thy most blessed body.
I adore thee O Jesus most sorrowful. i praise and Glorify thee and give thee thanks.
for the most sacred and painful wound.Beseeching thee by that Exceeding pain and by that crushing burden of thy heavy cross to be merciful to me a sinner forgive me all my mortal and venial sins and to lead me on towards heaven along the way of thy cross. Amen
In Jesus name i ask make your Request here
say 3 our fathers and 3 Hail Marys
thank you Lord Jesus for all that you have Granted me through this prayer.
please answer my prayer and Grant my Request. Amen- JH

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