Non-Sports Card Collection – Fantasy Art, Transportation, Comics, Military, Television, Movies and more!

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I am selling off my extensive non-sports card collection with the vast majority of the base sets selling for only $3.00 each! The collection contains over 400 base sets from 250 different card releases.

I have categorized the collection by:
Fantasy Artist (35 different sets including Boris 1 - 4, Frazetta, Hildebrandt, Bell, Olivia 1 & 2)
Automobile/Motorcycle (20 different sets including Harley Davidson, Mustang, Muscle Cards)
Military (17 different sets from Desert Storm, Civil War, WW2, Wings of Fire)
Comics (55 different sets from Marvel, DC and other comic releases)
Television (32 different sets from American Bandstand to the X-Files)
Movies (50 different sets from Aliens to The Wizard of Oz)
Music/Personality (7 different sets including Elvis, Michael Jackson, Rock Cards)
Adult (9 different sets including Hustler, Penthouse, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders)
Miscellaneous (25 different sets from Americana to Where’s Waldo)

In addition to the complete base sets, there are insert/chase card bundles (including insert sets and/or promo cards) from over 80 sets. Please note that most of the sets are ‘one of’ so once they’re sold…they’re gone!

I have prepared an Excel spreadsheet that gives all of the information about the individual sets and insert cards (including the price). Please send me a message and I’d be happy to send you a copy of the file. Also, scans of various insert sets are available upon request.

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