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Freddy Palmer B.P.A.(Hons.)
Certified Personal Trainer.
OPA Mr. Ottawa Heavyweight and Overall Champion.

One-On-One Personal Training/ Fat and Weight Loss /Nutrition and Diet /Muscle Mass Building/ Workout and Fitness Programs/ Strength Training/ Muscle Tone and Definition/ Specific Athletic Sports Training/ Training Techniques to break a plateau in your workouts/ Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Competition Preparation/ Public Gyms, Home Gyms and Office Gyms/ Glutes (butt) Workout Programs For Women.

I have trained thousands of satisfied customers since 1992. They include Canadian Military Special Forces, U.S. Marines from the American Embassy, Canadian Military Police, Canadian Military personnel, lawyers, doctors, dentists, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, recording artists, models, beauty pageant contestants, night club bouncers, construction workers, physiotherapists, fitness models, successful bodybuilders and fitness competitors, university and high school students, sport athletes (golf, hockey, football, track and field, wrestling, rugby, baseball and martial arts) and even other personal trainers.

Joanne, the 1st place and overall winner at the 1998 OPA Ottawa Championships was my client.

Jennifer, the 1st place winner at the 2009 OPA National Capital Classic was my client.

In the 2009 OPA Ottawa Championships, the middleweight class winner (Rob Graham) and the heavyweight class winner (Chris Ladouceur) were my clients. The overall winner at this championship was also my client (Chris Ladouceur).

In the 2010 OPA Ottawa Championships, the Junior class winner (Iain Valliere) (now IFBB Pro) is my client.

In the 2011 OPA Ontario Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships, the 1st place winner was my client.

The 2011 Mr. Canada Junior class 1st place winner is my client.

In the June 2013 OPA Natural Ottawa Classic Championship, my client (Jacqui Garwood) was the 1st place winner, 1st place Masters Class winner and Overall Winner.

In the 2014 OPA Natural Ontario Championships, my client was the 1st place winner and Overall winner.

In Musclemag Magazine, May 2004 article, Mike Platz, Mr. Canada and IFBB Pro was quoted saying "it was Mr. Ottawa Freddy Palmer that really showed me the ropes of how to be a competitor. Freddy Palmer was the one who trained me and got me ready. I learned from him how serious and disciplined you have to be to win contests."

Iain Valliere, IFBB Pro, is one of my clients.

In the Ottawa Sun, Laurier Vallee, gym owner was quoted saying, "Personal Trainer Freddy Palmer continues to do an outstanding job getting people fit. We are always receiving thank-you notes from clients who are pleased with the way he has helped them achieve their fitness goals".

65% of my clients are women that want to lose body fat, body weight and tone up.

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Over 20 Years Personal Training Experience.

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