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The Eric Michel Ministries International Unitarian Baptist Chaplaincy & Seminary Forum has been created so that you can exchange ideas, converse and meet with others who share a common interest in a safe environment.

Every community has its own culture and boundaries. To share how you feel about content, we encourage you to use the Reactions (the little icons under every comment) to share your positive feedback with users. This will help reinforce the proper behavior which we expect by all community members.

A Christian Forums, a friendly forum to discuss Christianity in a friendly surrounding.
Our Forum Contain Typical Christian Boards, Our Ministries, Humour, Faith, Personal Messages, Calendar, Photo/video/Audio Gallery, Arcade, Store, Classified and a Chat.

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Fees to be Christian (All Denominations and Non-Denominational)
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Only requirement be Christian, visit us at
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PS: Des tableaux et sujets en francais....

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