Enchanting Birthday Special

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While most would no longer refer to a magic show as a unique birthday experience, read on and see why this may well

be an exception. It is true that live entertainment, magic included, has lost ground to electronic gadgetry and

new age screen visions, it is a safe bet that most modern children have not been exposed to a live magic show....so

in that sense it will be new to them. And there is more.

Makrim, with 40 years experience, has come out of retirement to present a magical experience like no other.He is

presenting a mini stage show in an extremely intimate venue.....illusions that you are unlikely to see outside of a

theatrical setting. Some will be classics with a new storytelling twist and some of Makrim's own making. Much will

be new to the kids and even to the adults....not even available on you tube.

In order to present this without an assistant and no down time, Makrim uses 7 tables and well prepared choreography

so that all flows freely and naturally. To present all this at a reasonable cost, there must be a hitch and there

is. The show is only available at Makrim's own intimate venue. He will not come to you. You must come to him. So,

get the kids out of the house and experience 40 minutes of amazing wonder. Every child should see a magic show at

least once, don't you think?

The show is most suitable for the 4 -10 year old age group. Makrim can accommodate 2-8 kids plus 1 or 2 adults. And

it does not even have to be a birthday or other special occasion. It can be an exclusive treat for a family just

seeking something different on a weekend afternoon. Or maybe your child has a special interest in magic and would

like to see and learn more. Makrim is accommodating to those who wish to question and learn when proceedings are

done. This presentation takes you into a temporary world of enchantment where belief can be temporarily suspended. A great storyteller, Makrim weaves an amazing and wondrous path to a climax as opposed to an unrelated collection of tricks. It us guaranteed that you will see at least 3 demonstrations that yiou have never seen previously....not live, not on tv, not on youtube!

Check out the website for more info and to see whether Makrim is a match for your occasion. Check it out now, don't

wait. Makrim only books in advance and on a limited working schedule. Make sure that you are able to see him as

long as he wishes to remain active. Testimonials and reference are available on the site as well as pricing options.

Consider making an appointment to drop by and view the set-up and perhaps see a brief demonstration.

website: makrimsmagic.com

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