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Wage: $27/HR

*Referral Program*

Location: Kitchener, ON

- Become a contract worker with us!
- There are countless benefits to being a contract worker vs a regular hourly worker.
- Register yourself as a business (HST #) and work for yourself!!

- Rectifying any deficiencies before homeowner moves in including but not limited to:
- Fixing small drywall holes, taping, mudding, sanding.
- Putting in small trim pieces and caulking,adjusting door frames, leveling windows, fire stoping in the basement

- Complying with the site and safety standards.
- PDI work and cleaning.
- Install all guard rails on-site to ensure compliance with all safety guidelines.

Qualifications and Skills:
- Comfortably working in new homes (unoccupied & occupied) on a construction site.

- must have skill saw, saz saw, power dills tapping tools, paitning tools all hand tools including a leveling square, calk line, tile rapair tools.
- Extensive knowledge of power tools, including skill saw, mitre saw, and jigsaw.
- Must have their tools and must have their method of transportation.
- Must have steel toe boots and a hard hat.
- Must have a bank account for direct deposits.
- Access to company mobile app on any electronic or data-enabled device.

This job is also known as/you may be interested in this job if you have experience in the following: Construction Handyman, Service Technician ,Construction Worker, Skilled


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