Looking for longterm strictgay senior rent or need bfmaid out of control gayson

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If you are at least forty five to seventies and gayman. You want a ltr btm oriented eventual live in dynamics mate.
You are leader to dadlike and have disciplinarian skills if required for partner.
You like youngminded guys in to movies to fourtwenty and submissivemales who are now found to begay and now widowed or similar and some are special needs light handicaps from being youngmind to small injuries.
All very cute no gray hair range in ages from forty to fifties but look way younger.
Most tiny fem like figures to littleboyish figures. They are great with a strict and loving partner who fully leads all aspects.
They are all maid to butler like in home fully skilled at domestic from pet care to fullbod experts at massageto general care. Hobbies from camping to fishing.
If you are serious then these males can be relocated to country life to city and need a long term dynamics. Although site has main thing about DD like dynamics it has no cost to contact section with males in canada that are vrgins but want to meet long term.
So this is a no cost more charitablesite that just sets up gaymen cdto sissy bottom sorts with dadlike partners that enjoy this sort of dynamics.
These males fully have allrights to move or do anything fully on their own.
But some have issues explaining so family talks at first then you meet. All have been under partners like this for decades and fully one on one none cheating sorts.
They just need a slight parentalin some ways dynamics. Otherwise they can talk about any kinds of subjects from antiques to fish. Animals to hiking. https://strictgaydaddiessingles.page.tl/

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