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Having your asphalt professionally sealed will greatly extend the life of your parking lot and create an amazing curb appeal. Sealcoating protects against oxidization by restoring the asphalts natural oils, which maintain the composition and structural integrity. Sealcoating your asphalt also helps your asphalt resist chemical spills such as gas, antifreeze and oil leaks which break down the asphalts structural bonds. By sealing your asphalt, you will enhance the appearance of your property, creating more value on resale, while also protecting your investment. Sealcoating in conjunction with crack repair is guaranteed to significantly extend the life of your asphalt investment while reducing your long-term asphalt maintenance costs.
Asphalt oxides over time, which makes it lose its natural oils and become brittle. With harsh Canadian winters, brittle asphalt is susceptible to cracking and pitting. Sealcoating adds the natural oils back to the asphalt, which is needed for its pliability to be able to expand and contract with the changing seasons and protect against harmful sunrays.
A premium quality 100 % oil/tar based sealer called Blackmac, bought directly from McAsphalt Industries, a leading supplier of asphalt based products. Only Blackmac oil-based sealer will protect your asphalt as it is manufactured with bitumen, the same organic semi-solid matter used to make asphalt. Do not settle for cheap, water-based, acrylic paints, sold by department stores and sprayed by some contractors. These products can actually increase the damage as well as your long term costs. When it comes to protecting your asphalt, Blackmac is the only option.
Our sealcoat maintenance process includes cleaning the asphalt in preparation for an evenly sprayed application of sealer. The perimeter of the asphalt is trimmed of vegetation and then the asphalt is power swept and blown clean of dirt and debris. Oil and gas stains are pretreated with spot primer in order to ensure proper adhesion. If crack repair is required they are filled before the sealing. All bricks, interlock walkways and exterior walls of the buildings are boarded to ensure perfect application with flawless trim. The asphalt is then sealed off with caution tape for the over night drying process. Your asphalt is ready the next day. Parking lot lines can be re-sprayed first thing in the morning drying almost instantaneously leaving your parking lot ready for customers.
Sealadrive will come give you an assessment and will let you know what needs to be done and give you a break down of our sealcoating preventive maintenance program, what it will cost, and more importantly what it will save you.
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