AJ Investigations...an investigator for the "Average Joe/Jane"

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A licensed private investigator serving Eastern Ontario who works alone. 
No fancy office or staff...no overhead expenses that I just pass on to you.  I am just an investigator with 25+ experience who knows what it's like to not have a big budget but who needs something found or figured out.
*New relationship/online dating subject verification
*Birth parent/adoption searches
*Remote tracking...are "they" really where they say they are?
*Financial Investigations for divorce/settlements 
*Child custody*In home surveillance*Mobile surveillance 
*Employee honesty
*Retail security check
*VIP Security Vetting  
No job is too small, but some jobs are too big. No corporate gigs just trying to help out the little guy. 
Email me and let's see what we can do.  
Just so you know....I do not take every case I consult. I only take cases that I feel I can help with.
If I can't help in some way, I won't take your case.   

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