Used electronics – How to get the best price when selling

By | July 13, 2020
Credits:, Sean MacEntee

Buying the latest electronic devices is a lot of fun, but it comes with a conundrum. If you just upgraded to the latest and greatest iPhone, iPad or tablet, what do you do with the gently used device it is replacing?

If you are an early adopter, you probably have lots of cool electronic gadgets hanging around your house in perfect working condition, well.. maybe not perfect, but in good condition anyways. Those usable but unwanted devices hanging around your home are actually untapped resources, and selling them could put hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

You want to get the best price when you sell your old devices, and it is important to do your homework. An older model iPhone, Android phone or smart home devices may not be valuable to the real tech geek, but there are plenty of people who would love to have it. It also might be any old lovely laptops or desktop computers.

Finding willing buyers and connecting with them is the best way to get the highest price possible.

eBay is Your Friend

The eBay auction site is a great place to sell your used electronics, but it has other benefits as well. Even if you do not want to sell on eBay, you can use the completed listings feature to see the prices similar electronics products have fetched.

If you have a first-generation iPhone stashed away in a drawer, you can sign on to your eBay account and check out the completed listings for the same item. That will give you a good idea of what to expect, no matter where you ultimately sell the device.

Online Classifieds, like Kijiji

If you prefer to deal with buyers face-to-face instead of over the Internet, online classifieds are a great way to sell your old electronics. You will need to be careful and exercise good judgment, but sites like PostedAd, Kijiji and Craigslist can help you sell your old gear.

Do not overlook the online classifieds in your local newspaper. Many newspapers have taken their classifieds online, and posting there is a great way to connect with local customers.

Trade-In Programs

You may not need to deal with online auctions or classified ads to get rid of your old gear. Many stores now have trade-in programs that provide money off new gadgets in exchange for old ones.

If you are in the market for a new smartphone, tablet or laptop, consider bringing your old one along when you shop. You may receive a significant discount on your new gear when you trade up. You may not be able to dispose of antiquated equipment this way, but if your devices are of a recent vintage you could get more than you think.

Protect Your Privacy

No matter where you sell your old electronics, you need to make sure all of your personal information has been cleaned off of them. Use the restore feature to erase all your data and set the device back to its original factory settings. If your device does not offer that option, a good wiping program can do the same thing.

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