Fatten your wallet by ditching these money wasters

If you get to the end of each month and wonder where all the money went, you are not alone. With wages stagnating and prices on the rise, many people are falling behind and finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.  We’ve already suggested 5 great ways to save money on everyday items here is some more useful… Read More »

5 Money saving tips for pet owners

Pets bring incalculable joy to our lives – joy that is hard to measure in mere dollars. Even so, the costs associated with owning a pet can be measured in dollars, and the price tag can be quite high. Between the ever-rising cost of veterinary care and the price of quality food, owning a pet can be an… Read More »

5 safety steps for sellers on Classifieds

In our previous article we’ve discussed 10 steps buyers should follow to avoid being scammed . Scammers often pretend to be selling an item for a lower price and then fraudulently receive money without delivering the goods. Sellers might not always be safe as well. A scammer may be pretending to be a genuine buyer who can not come personally… Read More »