7 reasons to start eating apples

Apples are tasty healthy snack and if you have not been eating them, you probably should. PostedAd.ca combined a list of 7 benifits of apples, that you might never heard about: 1. Apples help lose weight: Apples are very rich with fiber and yet low in calories. The fiber not only reduces the amount of “bad” fat in the… Read More »

How to buy the right bicycle

Biking is loved by almost everyone! No wonder that bicycles are one of the most sought after items on classifieds. People love it because it is a great way to get exercise and to go to interesting, often beautiful places. In addition, for more than a hundred years, bikes have been a great way to get from one… Read More »

Top 5 classifieds websites in Canada

Looking to get rid of clutter or trying to promote your business? Then you should definitely check our list of top 5 classifieds websites in Canada. Posting ads on multiple classifieds will help you maximize the exposure and sell your item quicker. It is important to remember that some of the listed websites are more popular in certain… Read More »