New “person” that will help you a lot

By | March 11, 2016 Got Credit

You can see a little “person” icon on the Ad’s page near the “contact” link. This “person” will do a lot for you. We have recently implemented this feature, and we are very proud of it’s new functionality. I will explain.

Let’s talk about safety

When I buy something on any Classified Ads website, I always try to get some info regarding the seller, before I even contact him. Why? Because it’s wise to be safe (you can read more about safety rules in a great article 10 safety tips for buying).

So, for the safety of me and my wallet, I better search the internet regarding the past activity of this seller. Now for’s new feature, that will help you with the research. From now on every Ad will be provided with a link to the author’s profile page. To see the page just click on the “person” icon on the Ad’s page.  The page will include important information about the seller, and including data such as the user’s registration date, the user’s active ads, and the user’s total number of ads. Why is this so important? 

Imagine that the user has 30 active ads with the same content being posted in different cities, like OttawaToronto, and Vancouver. And he has been registered, let’s say, from yesterday. Isn’t it suspicious?

Here’s another example.  Say you are going to buy a used car. While checking the user’s profile page, you see that this particular user has posted “almost sure” scam Ads before. Would you buy from this person?

Check the seller profile page before contacting him to get more info, it might save you a lot of trouble!

Let’s talk about a seller’s personalization

Each seller has the ability to display the name/ company name, short description, and a picture. It is not mandatory, but it’s a good way to let buyers know that the seller is taking his or her reputation seriously.











I would suggest, especially for the serious seller, that you fill out the name and the description, letting others feel more secure before contacting you. This small step will attract more buyers. As a buyer, would you prefer to contact some anonymous user or a user with a name and a photo on a profile page?

Let’s talk about socializing

Sometimes, after a successful purchase, it’s useful to be in contact with the seller, to track all new items that the seller is posting, or just to keep the contact for future use. My phone is full of contacts and the chance of the seller being lost in my phone memory is very high.

Here comes the “person” icon to help me again. Add the seller to your contacts list by pressing the icon “plus” on the Ad page or “add to contacts” on a profile page and you’ll never lose this contact.









Another good thing about adding important sellers to your contacts list is a social component. On the seller’s page, we show how many people have added the seller to their contacts. If the seller has a number of contacts, it would suggest that others have had an experience with this user and that the experience was probably positive, since they’ve decided to add the seller as a contact. I would give it a chance.

So, happy shopping on!