How To Find The Best Furniture Deals

By | July 30, 2017

Moving to your own apartment? A bigger house, a smaller house or setting up a new office? Whatever the situation, you might need furniture to meet your current home or office needs.  There are good furniture deals out there, you just have to find them if you want to avoid getting overpriced furniture or crappy furniture that isn’t worth what you will pay for it.  Invest time, a little patience and some shopping smarts. The result? A great furniture deal!


Yes You Can

There are shopping smarts to help you get the best furniture deal; and yes if you put your mind to it, you will be proud of yourself every time you walk into your home or office space and see the furniture.


  1. Get The Timing Right & Hit The Sales

Many furniture companies have periods whereby they sell old stock at discounted prices in an effort to clear it to make room for new stock. New stock in most cases comes in January and August. This then makes January and August or July, the best time to go furniture shopping. Plan your furniture purchase accordingly. If you want furniture in your space by a certain time, start planning early for it and purchase it when the time comes at that much-needed discounted price

  1. Deals Online

The beauty of shopping online for furniture is that it offers the convenience of checking out multiple furniture stores and comparing their prices without leaving your home. Most online retailers have the best budget-friendly prices because they don’t incur expenses such as rental spaces for showrooms or salaries for salespeople. There are also numerous online classifieds with amazing furniture deals that you could also take advantage of.

  1. Consider Second-Hand

There are various places where you can find great second-hand furniture deals. You can visit a garage sale, a thrift shop or check the classifieds, like for great furniture pieces.  Purchasing used furniture might not be a favorable idea for you, but keep in mind that you are likely to find unique, affordable and great quality furniture that would have cost more if brand new. You can still bargain with the seller on the second-hand furniture if you think the price is a little too much, remember most of them want to clear it. In most cases, the used furniture is often times in great condition and good to go for a couple more years. Here is a little article with great strategies to get the best deal on classifieds websites.

You should also set alerts with the items you are looking for, the new ad Alert feature will help you find the right deal

In Case You Don’t Find The Deal

If your budget is too tight and you can’t afford new or second-hand furniture yet, consider refurbishing what you currently have. A little DIY skills will come in handy here and you can end up turning your old furniture into awesome-looking furniture. You can simply sand the wood and apply a new coat of paint or buy lovely-looking slipcovers for your current sofas to alter their look.  Or you can try this Extremely easy trick to remove scratches from wooden furniture. After refurbishing, you can keep saving for new furniture and finally when you will be ready to go out shopping, you can apply the above furniture shopping smarts to get the best deal.