How to avoid scams when selling online

By | July 9, 2020, David Orban

In our previous article we’ve discussed 10 steps buyers should follow to avoid being scammed . Scammers often pretend to be selling an item for a lower price and then fraudulently receive money without delivering the goods.

Sellers might ;not always be safe as well. A scammer may be pretending to be a genuine buyer who can not come personally to inspect the goods, and will offer to buy an item without even checking it.

The scammer will then send you a cheque for a higher amount than agreed and he will probably make some excuses such as to cover insurance, third party agents or just a human mistake. Then you will be kindly asked to transfer the difference back”the buyer” by wire transfer.In most cases the cheque will bounce and you will lose your money and the item if you have already shipped it.

While selling, keep in mind:

1. Always try to meet with the buyer personally in a safe place.

2. For expensive items, it’s better to have someone else other than the buyer in the room to supervise.

3. If mailing the item, do not send the items to the buyer until the cheque has cleared in your bank account or you’ve received a cleared wire transfer.

4. Do not give your personal information to the buyer ( SIN, Passport, driver’s license, etc.)

5. Have you received a suspicious offer from a buyer? Google the buyer’s information, it might be already recorded as a scam.
Go with your guts, if you have any doubts, do not go with the deal.

Following these simple steps will make the shopping experience as safe and as enjoyable as possible.