5 tips on how to sale used baby items

By | February 3, 2017
Flickr.com, Disco-Dan

Flickr.com, Disco-Dan

Kids are growing fast and as they do, we are left with tremendous amount of useless items like toys, clothes, shoes and even furniture.

What should you do with all the stuff? Save for future generations? Give away for free? Or maybe just sell them and earn some extra cash that you can spend buying new clothes for your child?

If you’ll choose to sell here are 5 tips, how to do it quickly and without hussle.

  1. Get the right price: If you are selling single items, like furniture it’s easy to compare to store prices for brand new items and you should always compare with similar ads on PostedAd.ca Your item should be priced in the same price range.
  2. Sell in lots: It’s unlikely people will drive all the way to buy a single toy. Organizing items in lots will help you get rid of a large amount of items and get a more noticeable amount of money
  3. Do a good picture: Good picture is priceless. Getting it done correctly will increase your chances for a quick sell. Check the 5 tips for a great picture
  4. Leave the right credentials: if you are giving a phone number, make sure it’s a number that you will answer. If you prefer emails, check your inbox frequently.
  5. Offer additional items: When meeting with buyers, offer to show them additional items you have posted for sale. They might be interested.

Now, that you’ve made some extra cash, you can even buy a new bike for your kid, or just check PostedAd.ca for bargains.

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