4 ideas how to have a great Valentines without breaking the bank

By | January 19, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Ah yes, love is always in the air every February 14. This is the day guys go out and buy flowers and chocolates, jewelry and clothes, and even more flowers and chocolates for their loved ones. They go to fancy restaurants that offer the best lobsters in town. The dilemma everyone faces come this day is the fact that every year, we seem to be doing the exact same things over and over again: buying expensive gifts and going to expensive restaurants. At the end of the day, there’s a big empty feeling in our wallets. But fret not, Valentines does not have to be an expensive affair. There are many ways we can lower our spending come Valentines. Here are a few ideas

1. Company is Best

Take her for a walk along the beach. If the beach won’t do, then take a stroll along a public park and breathe the fresh air. You could even go hiking or camping if you feel like it though this could cost you a bit. If going out doesn’t suit you, just invite her over to watch a couple of movies with a bag of popcorn between you.

2. Take Her to a Game

Does she enjoy basketball? What about baseball? Whatever sport she enjoys, take her to see a game even if you don’t enjoy that sport. While watching the game, cuddle up to her and offer her some hotdog and drinks. If her team wins, give her a victory kiss.

3. Cook Her Dinner

Instead of ordering lobster from some top-notch restaurant, invite her to your house to experience some good, old-fashioned home-made cooking. You should know what food she likes and how she likes it. Present her with an appetizer, a main course and some dessert. Be sure to look into her eyes and compliment her while you eat.

4. Make and Don’t Buy Presents

Flowers and chocolates are so cliché. The alternatives don’t help: expensive jewelry and imported perfume. Instead of buying her a gift, make her a present. If you do have enough skill to make her a scarf or glove, or even to make a simple origami creature, then go for it. If not, a simple message saying ‘I love you’ can work. Another good idea would be to write down a simple love story with the main characters being you and your love. Of course, it should have a happy ending!

If all goes well, this Valentine’s will be different than the last. And to top it off, you will still have your hard-earned money in your wallet!

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