3 Tips to turn household clutter into no cost Halloween Fun

By | October 13, 2016


With Halloween less than thirty days away, children and parents alike turn their thoughts to trick or treating, spooky costumes, Halloween parties, and decorations. But in today’s volatile economy, parents are looking for economical ways to dress up, decorate, and prepare for the holiday. Here are three Halloween items that can be created from clutter around the home, and your imagination, to save on celebrations while still having a fun and festive time.

1. Quick homemade costumes. A bag of balloons painted purple and an old hat painted green make for an easy bunch of grapes. Create this simple and unique costume by blowing up the balloons and attaching them to an old sweater via pins (through the tied off, lip portion of the balloon), or by sewing a stitch or two through the lip of the balloon to the sweater (easy to clip off later with scissors). Use the hat for a stem base, then create a papier mache stem shaft, using a coat hanger for a wire mold. Paint the papier mache green, and when it dries attach it to the hat. The standard ghost is easy to make from a sheet with a couple eyes and a mouth cut in the appropriate places. Dress the ghost up a bit with an old hat, maybe a necktie, or some old makeup from the bathroom cabinet. As well, discarded sweats or oversized clothes make a great start to a clown costume. To top off the clown attire, search the closet for a discarded wig, and makeup from the bathroom cabinet will create the clown face. Another quick and economical costume possibility is to use a large cardboard box, dressing it up with some artistic flair to turn it into a personal computer or maybe a spaceship. Not only do these ideas create a unique Halloween costume for children, they make room in storage spaces, helping you to clean out the closet and minimizing the clutter in the bathroom cabinet.

2. Easy Halloween Games To keep children amused at Halloween parties, here are some low to no cost games to play with guests. With some artistic flair and a piece of sturdy construction paper, or cardboard, a ‘Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin’ game is made in less than five minutes. A favorite game is guessing the disgusting items in a variety of bowls or bags, also known as the Gross Food Guess. Cook up a bit of spaghetti and place it in one bowl for intestines. Peel some grapes and place them in another bowl for eyes. Place discarded orange peels in another bowl for dried out skin. Mash up some cooked Jello in another bowl and pass it around for brains. Another easy and time honored game is that of storytelling, with a Round Robin started by an adult passed to each child, who in turn tells a part of the tale for a set amount of time then passes it on to the next child. All the essentials to play these fun games can be found in storage, cupboards, and your imagination.

3. Quick Halloween Decorations To give the house a haunted look for Halloween, try some do-it-yourself Halloween decorations. Old foam or Styrofoam that computers, freezers, or other major appliances are packed in make for great tombstones. These can be created by cutting the foam into a shape of choice (rectangle, cross, rounded slab), spray painting them grey, and attaching meat skewers to the backs for lawn spikes. Stick them out in the front yard to create an instant cemetery for Halloween. To complement the tombstones, some spider webs can be easily made by stretching leftover cotton baton, found in most non-prescription medicine bottles, over hedges, or between tree branches, to create a webbed effect. For a finishing piece to the graveyard, turn orange leaf bags into giant jack o’ lanterns, using either a black paint or black cardboard, from which a mouth, eyes, and nose can be cut then pasted to the bag once it is filled with leaves. These easy and handy decorations create spooky atmosphere while helping you clean up the yard and clear garbage from the garage or storage.

So as Halloween creeps closer, these no cost ideas can keep its ghoulish hand from taking a large chunk out of savings. Clutter from the storage area, garage, closet, and bathroom cabinet can be used to create quick, free costumes, games, and decorations.

Haven’t found anything that can be used? No worries, don’t forget, that you can buy used costumes and decorations. You can head to the nearest thrift shop or just check online classifieds like PostedAd.ca

With all that money saved, there will be plenty of cash left over for candy. Just make sure the kids get their share of the sweets haul.