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Tall terrarium with everything included

It’s in amazing condition, clean and comes with everything but the reptile and the bedding for the reptile. Selling for $150 or best offer
Price: $150, Tel: 6132030978, Images: 8, Category: Pets / Reptiles

Pets / Reptiles #26939

medium sized southern map turtle

I have a friendly semi small southern map turtle for sale . He loves attention and likes people. He is still a little wild though I had him since he was a baby. But he is pretty calm and likes to watch his environment. Please contact me asap for more info.
Price: $100, Category: Pets / Reptiles

Pets / Reptiles #26938

large plecco

I have a large plecco he is almost 1ft Long and very healthy. He currently lives with my turtles and they all get along. He has a nice personality for a fish lol. He is very tough and resilient. Excellent for large aquariums that have algae issues
Price: $100, Tel: 6132222920, Category: Pets / Reptiles

Pets / Reptiles #26937

Light yellow eared femail painted/ box/ yellow bellied slider turtle

I have a one of a kind rare painted turtle with a yellow belly, she has a box turtles she'll but is equally painted turtle. It was a pain to track her species and still haven't found anything simular to her. She is small and very friendly . She loves to be handfed and is a sweetie. Please contact me if your interested. Sorry I don't have pics
Price: $200, Tel: 6132222920, Category: Pets / Reptiles

Pets / Reptiles #26936

Red Ear Slider Turtle

Hi I have no choice to get rid of my turtles. I can't find a suitable place for me and my turtles so I have to get rid of them. I'm looking for a great home for my male turtle . If you have anything suitable for it please let me know as I am not in a good spot and need to leave ASAP. Contact me for more details please robert
Price: $Free, Tel: 6132222920, Category: Pets / Reptiles

Pets / Reptiles #25835

90 gallon aquarium with all accessories

I have a 90 gallon aquarium with 3 turtles, a big plecco and 2 small goldfish. The turtles are all different breeds. There is a red eared slider which is a male, a southern map turtle alsi male and a yellow bellied painted box turtle which is female. that last one is my own name cause its a complete mix of turtles in her.. the aquarium has a really nice eheim external cannister filter made for a 120 to 250 gallon aquarium so works like a charm. There are many rocks and some slate. It has a 300w heater...
Price: $500, Tel: 6132222920, Category: Pets / Reptiles