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Free Male Bunny

We purchased him when he stopped nursing from mother White with some brown colouring Free bags of food, bedding, & cage
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Nubian Buck for Sale

He is 3/4 Nubian and 1/4 Saneen. He is 15months old and ready to breed. He is leadable and gentle and used to being with a herd.
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Free shipping Automatic Honey Free Flow Comb Beehive

Type: Farm Animals Material: Wood Model Number: BH-01 Item: honey flow bee hive Board thickness: 18mm Bottom box size: 510*410*260mm Super box size: 510*410*245mm Frame size: 49.5cmX24.5cmX5cm Gross Weight : 24kg frame weight: 1.1kg/pcs application : beekeeping Beehive Surface treatment: painted Beehive Style: Langstroth to to our website for more info thanks thetradehut.ca http://thetradehut.ca
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Baby Bunnies

Hi, I have a few baby bunnies looking for their fur-ever homes. The first two pictures are Holland Lops. I have 1 orange male left and 2 chestnut ( brown ). 1 is female and the other is male. These sweeties are almost 8 weeks of age. Active, friendly eating well and handled daily. I also have 3 lion head/ mini Rex mix. Two of them are quite fluffy and the third one has shorter hair. They are also active, friendly, eating well and handled daily. These 3 are almost 11 weeks old.
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