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École de Pilotage D'Avions Montréal Formation de pilote accréditée par le Ministère de l'Enseigenement Supérieur. Certifications et Académie reconnues par Transport Canada et valides mondialement. Envoyez un email au [email protected] Prenez rendez vous et visitez nous 300 boul Marcel Laurin Suite 200 Montreal Qc H4M 2L4

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Enroll To Become An Airplane Pilot - Contact us now we can help

Send us an email and a designed Mentor will help you to become a commercial pilot at the Flying School of the ACADEMY OF AERONAUTICS OF CANADA - Offering Pilot training courses, Accepting applications for airline commercial pilot training - Enrollment open now at the ACADEMY OF AERONAUTICS MONTREAL (Accredited College) 1.- High success rate to get your airplane commercial pilot license 2.- Competitive hourly flying rates 3.- Tuition fees Payment facilities and financing 4.- Intensive...
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Krav Maga Crash Course at Almonte Fitness Centre

Come and Join us and see why many students world wide are joining and loving Krav Maga. Krav Maga is one of the most effective self-defense systems in the world. We teach students from the ground up to defend themselves against real life scenarios that you can possibly face in the streets. Because of the intensity of a real street confrontation, Krav Maga focus its training on core muscles, interval training for muscle endurance. Great way to get in shape and to learn how to stay safe. Crash...
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Oopsee Daisy Cakes & Crafts

Craft classes, workshops, and birthday parties for all ages..... .......and I also do Cakes scrapbooking, jewelry, spa treasures, card making, paper crafts.........

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We are looking for Certified Chess Teacher in Orleans - We have place to start Chess classes Call Dr Ghosh at 6135014435
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