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French Tutoring/English reading

Hello/Bonjour I'm a teacher and I’m passionate about education. I thrive on helping my students reach their full potential. I listen to my students and I customize lessons to help them read and write in English and in French fast and proficiently. I have seen tremendous improvements in both my students in the classroom and the ones I tutor. I tutor any age. Email me if you have any questions please! ONLY TAKEN STUDENTS IN THE BARRHAVEN AREA! THANK YOU! Madame Nadeige
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École ÉtudesPlus

French Montessori Teacher starting evening program for kids and youth. The method of teaching will be based on the Montessori philosophy of learning. Subjects given are Math (in French) and French language using the Montessori material throughout the classes. For more information, please contact us at 613-6862522 or visit : École du soir de 18h à 20h : Enseignante Montessori expérimentée, propose une nouvelle approche de soutien scolaire afin d’aider votre...
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