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these babies are friendly to both pets and animals

these babies are friendly to both pets and animals, they love to be carried out for adventure.
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Tortoises/turtles for sale

We are approved breeder of all breed of Tortoises/turtles and we run a reptile farm . We have males , females , babies and Tested Proven breeding pairs of all the breeds listed below . we sell the various types of tortoises and turtles , Elegans Tortoises , Radiated Tortoises , Egyptian Tortoises , Russian Tortoises , Leopard Tortoise , Galapagos Tortoises , African Spurred , Star Tortoises , Sulcata Tortoises , Ornate Wood Turtle , black pond turtles , crassicollis turtles , Black Knob Sawback...
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